The last pictures before the sun slowly retreat behind the horizon on this winter day. It was just three short hours of light before the darkness of winter came back. But getting just a glimpse of the sun makes me very happy.


These pictures are taken around the towns of Sund and Hamnøy in the west of Lofoten. On Sund there is a well-known blacksmith that makes ornamental sculptures of metal. Most famous is the figure of the cormorant bird on a rock. The cormorant bird is quite numerous out here, and if you look closely, you can see them on the closest rock on the last two pictures.


There is also a museum on Sund, where they keep a lot of old boat engines on display. A lot of them are even still working. I guess it's important to keep the history of the fishing industry alive, so we can remember how people had to live in the old days.