Noon at midwinter at Ramberg. This is the village where my mother grew up, and my grandmother still lives. Like most of Lofoten, the nature here is quite stunning. This winter was a little strange this year because there was no snow yet. But it was still ice-cold outside.


I was visiting my grandmother, and took a drive around to get some pictures. It was a spectacular day with a clear sky and the sun just rising. Ice crystals everywhere, and ice on the water. You don't need a better reason than that to go out with the camera.


These pictures are taken in the middle of the day, and you can see there isn't much sun. The winter is mostly pitch black, but when the sun is raising over the horizon, it often shows a spectacle of light and colors. Driving past a little lake, the light from the sky is reflected in the ice. Mother nature is surly showing off today. ;-)