The winter world of ice. Fornebo, an area just outside Oslo, inside the Oslo fjord. It can get really cold here in the winter, and when the water freezes, it can make quite a spectacle. The ice you see here is actually on the sea inside the fjord.


Even here, the sun is only up for 3-4 hours in the middle of the winter. So most of the day, the sky consists of lovely sunset colors as the sun slowly moves along the horizon. And when the sunset mirrors itself in the ice covered sea, you are really in for a breathtaking view.


The plant life is really up for a tough challenge in the winter. There isn't any snow here yet, and large ice crystals are covering all the withered plants from last summer. The ice crystals are growing like new leafs on the trees, and falling down like pixie dust when you touch them.


The winter can be hard, but there is beauty for those who want to see it. It's incredible to see how much the nature can change in a couple of months. It can be like a whole new place to experience.