Henningsvær. It is the largest fishing village still remaining here in Lofoten, spread out over a few islands. It lives about 800 people here, but in the summer it can be over 3000 people with all the tourists visiting. So I guess the tourist industry is doing great, but they still rely heavily on fishing to maintain settlement.


I have many good memories from this place, and I knew many people here in my youth. It was some wild times, and those people really knew how to party. I also had a girlfriend from here a few months, and I never really forgot her. I guess now she has a husband, kids and everything. That's life I guess. ;-)


It wasn't perfect photo conditions this day. Clouds all over, but that has it's charm also I guess. I have to take more pictures from here, because this place is just beautiful. A bunch of houses clinging to the islands, with the big sky and the sea as the only neighbors.