Summer in Lofoten. The magic time of the year when the sun can shine all day and all night. It's a very special experience to go out in the night and see the midnight sun. This disc of light that hangs just over the horizon. It's like a sunset that just last and last.


When I took these pictures, I drove around the island at night, stopping whenever I got a good view. Often waiting for the sun to be in just the right position, and then racing to the next spot before the sun moved to much. I did a lot of driving this night, going all around the 'Austvågøy' island.


On the same night I saw bussloads of Japanese tourists trying to get a glimpse of the sun. Unfortunately the sun was hiding behind some clouds just then. It can't be fun to be hinder by the weather when traveling half way around the globe to see something. I was more lucky.


Even here, most people try to sleep at night, covering the windows to dim the sunlight. But other people, like me, is often troubled with insomnia at this time of year. Wildlife is also very awake at night, and you can hear seagulls and ravens all around. I guess nocturnal animals would be out if luck in a place like this.