A clear winter day. Just a perfect day to go out at take some pretty pictures. These pictures are taken close to a popular tourist spot here in Lofoten called Kalle. But there aren't many tourists here in the winter. :-)


This is a glimpse of how pretty this place can be, even in the winter. I was working on the mainland back then, and was only here for the weekend. Lucky for me that the weather was as good as it was.


The weather here can be pretty unstable in the winter, so when we get a good day like this, people are coming out of their houses and cellars to enjoy the sun. The first real sign that warmer days are ahead.


The mountain in the last picture is called Vågakallen and is 943 meters high. The name means something like The old man of Våga. From sea it can look like a man riding a horse. It's a famous mountain in Norwegian folk tales, and it is said the old man was turned into rock when the sun shined on him.