- News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
The Tech-Report
- Personal computing explored.
- In-depth news and reviews of storage hardware.
X-Bit Labs
- Special hardware infocenter.
Silent PC Review
- News and information about silent computing.
Dan's Data
- PC hardware and gadgets independently reviewed.
- The next small thing.
- News about audio and video technology.
- The storage, security, privacy and piracy authority.
Microsoft Watch
- News and analysis on Microsoft plans and strategy.

- The definitive DVD backup resource.
Digital Digest
- Dedicated to the future of video.
- Largest Open Source software development website.
- Mozilla is the best free alternative to Microsoft IE.
Total Commander
- The best file manager available for Windows.
- A torrent site with all sort of great stuff. Registration.
The Pirate Bay
- This legendary Swedish Bittorrent site is still going strong.
- With the legacy of Registration.
- One of the largest open bittorrent sites available.
Pedro's BTMusic
- Music in super quality FLAC format. Registration.
Torrent Portal
- BitTorrent File download site.
- All the books you will ever need. Registration.
- Listing of all known BitTorrent sites.
- News about copyright, privacy, and everything filesharing.
- A powerful C++ BitTorrent Client. My personal favorite.

Universe Today
- Daily news about everything space related.
- All the latest space news in one page.
Airlock Alpha
- Portal for science-fiction and fantasy news.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Defending your freedom in the digital world.
The Araminta Station
- The best place for scans of fantasy art on the web.
BBC News - Science & Environment
- The BBC news service with focus on science.
- Cool page with home-made 3D generated movies.
Paranal Observatory
- The world's largest and most advanced optical telescope.
Hubble Site - Gallery
- The Hubble view of the universe.


Links updated 28 August, 2007